Photo by Andre Conrad

This restaurant was my dream at age 15, along with marrying my middle school girlfriend.  Several years later, here we are. She and I purchased this café in 2007, when it was a residential rental property. After a year or so, we finally got the OK to open. We lived upstairs, and although we couldn’t afford much more than food, we decided that the Wildflower itself should be a constant work in progress. We wanted to make the café better in every way, and we would try to improve every week, focusing our energy on providing great food and service. The Story of Wildflower Cafe - Mason OH

We feature a regularly changing menu that is based on seasonal, local eating, and peak freshness, “Slow Food”. We serve food that was raised the way it was meant to be, and consumed in the area & season that it was harvested.

Our food is handmade with love in our tiny kitchen. We are proud of our quality & value. Our friends and family help cook & serve. Please allow time for us to prepare your food. We make it all fresh & from scratch, and sometimes that takes a bit longer, but we think you’ll appreciate the difference.

Most of our products come from local sources. Some ingredients we grow ourselves or buy from organic producers. This costs us a bit more, but provides very high-quality, clean food, that’s good for you, the planet and our children. We are strong supporters of local independent businesses, and are proud to be different from all the chains.

We know that our place can be tight, and maybe a little eclectic. Over 100 years ago, it was built to be a house, and we were dumb enough to make it a restaurant. (You’re probably sitting in a former living room) then again, there are lots of big beautiful new restaurants with bad food too. We love it and think the joint has some character though….

Thank you for many great years!
With love-

Todd, Jenna, Dylan Rose, and Griffin
Executive Chef/Owner, and his bosses

We sincerely appreciate you coming to spend time with us. Your kind words keep us open & able to provide for our families.